Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel

For nearly a century, Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel has been a leader in manufacturing cycling components, sports gear, and angling equipment. Whether you are a professional or a beginner in sea fishing, Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel is your safe bet.

Saltwater fishing is surely an interesting hobby even without proper equipment, but if you want to catch bigger fish, you need better gear. The most important part of the fishing equipment is the reel, which needs to be of a high quality if you wish to win the battle with a trophy fish.


Finding the perfect reel for sea fishing requires from an angler a lot of knowledge of the subject, but also quite a bit of time. To spare you the trouble, we present to you the Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel, a superb-quality, high performance, level drag multiplier reel, which is on top of that, fairly affordable.

The Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel have the gear ratio of 3.6:1. That means that each turn of the handle will result in 3.6 turns of the spool. This ratio allows anglers to tackle heavier fish by dropping into a lower gear with a press of a button. Whenever you need to back off when a fish starts wiggling or diving deep, the Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel lever drag will come to your aid.

What Makes Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel  Unique?

This reel is perfect for any type of angling, including deep-sea fishing, as all the endurable products from the Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel family allow an angler to go for a big catch. This reel has been around for years and has become synonymous with quality multiplier reels. Apart from its durability, the Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel is also famed for being compatible with any kind of line and suitable for fishing any kind of species.

Why is it Good for Sea Fishing?

According to an expert angler, Greg Lacey, the Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel is your perfect choice for sea fishing. He suggests that even the biggest marlins stand no chance against you if you use this type of reel. Level wind is excellent for this method of angling, but the Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel can work in any condition. This angler has been using the Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel for years now and has caught all sorts of large pelagics, like Yellowfin Tuna or Mackerel, for example.

Pros & Cons

There aren’t many anglers who are not satisfied with Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel products. The Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel satisfies the needs of even the most thorough sea fishers. The reel is reliable, practical, and doesn’t break too often. On top of that, the Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel comes with a very affordable price.

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Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel
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