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  • Abu Garcia Premium Cast
  • Daiwa Whisker Tournament

Daiwa Tournament Basia 45 QDX

The Magnesium reel’s body and rotor both use special Air Metal material for lightweight yet powerful fishing performance. Equipped with the machined DIGIGEAR®II and a Wormshaft oscillation system. The Tournament Basia 45 QDX Magnesium provides powerful casting and reeling capabilities designed to best even the most elusive of river carp, and those features contend well with seafaring quarry also. The Magnesium reel’s body and rotor both use special Air Metal material for lightweight yet powerful fishing performance.

Abu 506 MKII Cardinal Reel

Fishing reels are crucial to your fishing unit as a fisherman. Depending on the fishing situation, there is a variety of fishing reels available. The three most important types of fishing reels are the spin cast, the baitcasting, and the spinning reel. The three types of reels differ in their functionality and ideal fishing situation.


Okuma Distance Surf 80 Reel

Looking at the distance surf 80, you will derive the fact that it has been made for long range surf fishing. Its full sized reel design works perfectly well for beach fishing. With 0.35mm lines you are guaranteed a long cast into the beach. This reel will protect you from break offs, or wind knots.

Penn Spinfisher

Penn has been in business since 1932, over 75 years, and is a top brand in fishing gear. They have set multiple IGFA records over the course of their career, which is a testament to the quality of their products. Their Spinfisher Reel Reel is five star rated on Tackle Direct, receiving outstanding reviews. It’s the perfect saltwater reel for anglers.


Shimano Charter Special

For all those anglers who prefer to have a reel that is very reliable and easy to operate, Shimano Charter Special is for them. Such an easy design and sound performance of this reel differentiates it from others. Because of the balanced features of Shimano Charter Special,

Abu Garcia Multiplier Reel Ambassadeur

Unlike newer reels from Abu Gracia, this classic reel has very simple styling, with minimal detailing, no colored finishing and no metallic stickers at all. To some, the chrome may seem a bit overstated, but the entire look is simply classy for the normal day to day angler out at sea.

Shimano TLD Multiplier Reel

For nearly a century, Shimano has been a leader in manufacturing cycling components, sports gear, and angling equipment. Whether you are a professional or a beginner in sea fishing, Shimano is your safe bet. Saltwater fishing is surely an interesting hobby even without proper equipment, but if you want to catch bigger fish, you need better gear.



The New Daiwa Caldia 4000 Fishing Reel boosts of some new great features at its price and class of reels. It is light, robust and solid looking. The innovation combines a Mag Seal, Air Rotor and Zaion which translates into an excellent product.


Daiwa Saltiga 5000H Model 2015

The Saltiga franchise has just made a great addition with this product. It fulfils all the expectations which were set previously by the brand and takes it altogether to a whole new level. Just like every other Daiwa this has the Mag Sheald for mainshaft, ball baring of line roller and lineshaft.


Penn Battle II 4000

This product is a medium sized fish reel designed to give the user an affordable but high quality piece of equipment. The model will cost you around $110 and it has a range of features that will provide you with an excellent fishing experience.

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