Penn Spinfisher

Penn has been in business since 1932, over 75 years, and is a top brand in fishing gear. They have set multiple IGFA records over the course of their career, which is a testament to the quality of their products. Their Spinfisher Reel Reel is five star rated on Tackle Direct, receiving outstanding reviews. It’s the perfect saltwater reel for anglers.

What is the Style like?

The style of the Spinfisher Reel is described as small and light, but also incredibly strong and agile. It’s perfect for anglers that want to spend the entire day at the beach without being weighed down by heavy gear. The mainshaft is stainless steel, protective it from damage from the saltwater and helping to maintain its luster.

What is unique about it?

The Spinfisher Reel is one of the only reels to feature a full sealed drag system, boasting of a total of three drag washers. One is on top of the of the spool, while two is just below the spool, ensuring that the line doesn’t snap under a sudden heavy drag from the coveted wall-hanging worthy fish. Another great feature of this reel is that it doesn’t allow saltwater to make its way into the gearbox or drag system, giving the angler the best stopping power possible when they have one on the line.

Why is it good for sea fishing

This reel is great for sea fishing because it is not only designed to keep saltwater from intruding and damaging the system, but it also has a comprehensive drag adjustment nodule. With this reel, you do not have to worry about over reaching your drag needs, as you must crank the dial for a prolonged period of time to even get ten more pounds worth of drag. It’s an excellent bait runner, featuring one of the smoothest spinners in the industry, ensuring that your line moves smoothly through the water to attract even the oldest (and smartest) fish in the see. It’s also excellent for eel fishing when the angler invests in the live liner system, and it’s also great for dragging live bait on the bottom of shallow saltwater locations neat coastlines.


The pros of this reel far outweigh the cons. It’s has a water tight design, an excellent system for monitoring just how much line you have left, and empowers the angler during battles by giving them every resource to snag the perfect catch.


Some anglers say that the spinner could be smoother, but this is an unpopular sentiment. Most have nothing negative to say about the Spinfisher Reel.

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