Okuma Distance Surf 80 Reel

okuma-distance-surf-80-fishing-reel-captainhook-1406-27-captainhook@2Okuma Distance Surf 80 products are more than just fishing products. They offer a motivation to hit the beach, the energy and will to remain focused and the optimism that casts with the highest expectations. The foundation to more complete and better fishing experience is engraved in the dynamic design, advanced raw materials and longevity of their fishing gear. The reel is Okuma‘s knight in shining Armour. Each time you cast that rod, it is ready to serve. Most times you will just admire the line spew forth in a distance spool. The surfs ball-lock prevents embarrassing and expensive crack-offs and you are left amazed at your line. This brand has 6 ball bearings which crank back your rig every time you retrieve the line- with or without a catch. Your line is effortlessly baled onto the oscillating pool by these bearings. Some of this reels’ features include; blade type body, 6 stainless steel ball bearings, one-way roller bearing, Flex aluminum line clip, graphite spare spool and the best of all its a light weight design.

Looking at the distance surf 80, you will derive the fact that it has been made for long range surf fishing. Its full sized reel design works perfectly well for beach fishing. With 0.35mm lines you are guaranteed a long cast into the beach. This reel will protect you from break offs, or wind knots.

Some of the pros include; the ease with which you can retrieve it from a long distance cast. As many would expect the reel to be heavy due to its many features, you will be shocked at how light it is. It is well worth its cost. This is a greatly manufactured kit, all aluminum bodied. Everything about its performance, size and weight is perfect. It may not be the lightest reel ever made but its weight works well in balancing the rod. The most noticeable con of this kit is the spare spool which is graphite instead of aluminum. I would recommend the Okuma Distance Surf 80 distance surf 80 reel to anyone looking to upgrade their kit, or for just a second reel with an excellent value for money. If you are wondering about its reaction to saline water, this reel has saltwater resistant epoxy paint to protect it. There is also the ergo grip handle knob for easy spinning.

Regardless of what you fish for, be it catfish, salmon, tuna, trout, bass or stripers, when a new day breaks tomorrow, it will present a new opporyunity. Make the most of it with an Okuma Distance Surf 80 distance surf 80 Reel.

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Okuma Distance Surf 80 Reel
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