006-LThe New Daiwa Caldia 4000 Fishing Reel boosts of some new great features at its price and class of reels. It is light, robust and solid looking. The innovation combines a Mag Seal, Air Rotor and Zaion which translates into an excellent product.

The reel has a Mag Seal which makes it resilient to salt water fishing in the sea. It has no leakage which translates to less corrosion, better performance and longer life. Salt water crystallizes once it penetrates a reel which erodes bearings and gears. The Mag Seal is a replacement of O-rings and waterproof gaskets which were used to prevent water intrusion. These were disadvantageous as they produced a lot of friction which induced winding inertia.

The sealing component was the number one priority while producing the reel as it translated to its durability. It entails the combination of magnetized oil with magnets. The oil is attached to the metallic surface to form a seal. This sealing system is lubricated thus eliminating friction while preventing dust and water from intrusion. It also eliminates oil spray and prolongs the reels life. The reel also features a new Air Rotor which serves many purposes. The main one is supporting the line roller. It absorbs and controls the stress and flexing when the line to be pulled instantaneously to the line roller from the spool. It has minimal friction due the presence of ball bearings. It also has a gear ratio of 4:9:1 making it useful for an offshore light tackle jigging. The rotor has a new arch which distributes pressure to the bottom of the rotor which reduces flexing and stress. The Air Rotor is made of a resin which is highly sensitive. This enhances the transmission of vibrations throughout the reel more efficiently. The rotor system is hollow thus creating more surface area resulting to increased strength and improved vibration transmission. The light rotor has a lower center of gravity thus a fine tuned balance. It also has a precise center of axis which translates to an efficient spin with an excellent balance. The reel is also made of Zaion which is a resin consisting of a high density and long fiber carbon. This material is strong and resists corrosion to a greater extent as compared to other reels made of magnesium. Zaion also transmits vibrations more effectively through the reel.


  • Has a tight seal which eliminates salt corrosion
  • It is strong and durable due to carbon material
  • Has a better performance due to increased sensitivity
  • Has a fine balance and an efficient spin


  • Costly to acquire due to advanced technology
  • Online shipping is not available online
  • Spare parts are hard to acquire locally

The new innovation and parallel design of combining Air Rotor, Mag Seal and Zaion by Caldia, has produced one of the technically advanced reels available. This reel provides a better feeling of lure connection. It also enables the user to detect more bites and fight the fish easily.

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Daiwa Caldia 4000
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