Miya Epoch Command

s-l1000Miya Epoch Command are motorized electric reels made as well balances factory units which are very well engineered to ensure efficiency and durability throughout their usage. The reels are arguably among the best available and their effectiveness is often observed within the first few moments after deployment. You would be surprised by how fast and highly automated their performance is. The reels come in many brands with their own unique styles and advantages during application in sea fishing.

This command is a jiggling pro model that comes with an automatic clutch program that is able to control the fish force. It has a performing depth memory feature that allow the user apply the correct depths automatically based on previous applications. It is adjustable to variable speeds while fishing and automatically controls the overload. This command line is waterproof but has a slow start and slow stop. It is a new model in the market from the Miya epoch command and has added features to the previous commands.

The Ac-3JPC DC 12V command has retained most of the iconic Miya epoch features like the large LCD display, the unique Miya Level winding mechanism and the override handle that come with these products. It has some unique added attributes that include a maximum rewinding power that supports up to 55kg.

It has an improved maximum speed of rewind that operates at 150 meters per minute when no load is attached. The company has enhanced its durability by applying a premium titanium paint that surely protects from corrosion increasing its durability. As some of the previous commands, this model is lightweight shipping at 5 – 6 pounds.
It is relatively lightweight and therefore easy to deploy and also portability.
The high rewinding speed comes in handy when retrieving.
It has high accuracy in depth distances and is able to record and recall your last drop the bait therefore drops to a memory spot and stops automatically.
Most important of all it is durable and will keep you for a while before you have to look for replacement parts.
Among its major cons is that its price is quite high compared to the previous models but ultimately owes to the added specs and improved performance.
You will ultimately find the Ac-3JPC DC 12V Big game electric command reel totally worthwhile.

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Miya Epoch COMMAND
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