Daiwa Whisker Tournament Series SS 1600

Daiwa is a well-known famous brand that provides superior quality Japanese fishing products.
Daiwa’s SS1600 Whisker is a top if the line specimen reel on the market. It has gained fabulous status and prestige by being used by the best in the field to land some of the most well-known specimens around.
This model’s line capacity is 165/12 that makes it useful for the user as the reel can be extended to 165 yards of 12lbs. The gear ratio is impressively 4.9:1 which means improved efficiency as there are more lines per turn. The weight is just 11.5 oz. that makes it easier to grip and move for the user. There are three stainless steel-ball bearings in this model.
The SS 1600 reel has Lifetime ® Bail Spring, an extremely reliable roller-bail trip mechanism, a scratch proof silicon carbide-line roller, along cast machined-aluminum spool, a One Touch ® folding handleno spare tool, and a super smooth drag with click adjustment feature.
It has earned a firm and steadfast reputation for its performance and consistency as Daiwa ’s-Tournament SS Series. It is an award winning reel, accredited by Bass Masters ® Classic & “reel of choice”. They can surely said as being the world’s best reels.
This model of reel is perfect for flipping out controller set ups to surface cruising carp but is equally at home throwing out massive feeders for barbell and casting out lures in pursuit of sharp critters. Its spacious spool capacity signifies that it can be coiled up with considerable amounts of extreme breaking strain line.
The SS1600 has a smooth and precise drag that helps in calming hard fighting monsters. Coming from the Daiwa stable you can be assured that this reel is produced using the best quality raw materials available and is designed to withstand heavy pressures and shocks.

The Daiwa Whisker Tournament Series SS 1600 reel is perfect for professional users as they are experienced in deep sea fishing and they know what adjustments to make to the reel as per the fishing requirements. They are able to swiftly adapt the device features according to the fishing needs.

As for a beginner, using this or such a reel can be difficult to learn due to its complicated nature. Although the Tournament SS Series is providing superior quality and unmatchable products, it is also expensive as compared to other brands. Therefore, it depends on the profile of the user and his knowledge, experience and usage of the reel.

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Daiwa Whisker Tournament Series SS 1600 Reel
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