Daiwa Tournament Basia 45 QDX

Daiwa-Basia-QDX-MainThough designed to be a champion carp reel, the Japanese Tournament Basia 45 QDX Magnesium reel still gives outstanding performance as a sea fishing reel. For that matter, whatever body of water or type of fish you fancy, this Magnesium reel can deliver the utmost perfection in catching capability. Kitted with a 7-ball bearing system and a gear ration of 4:1:1 , the Daiwa Tournament Basia 45 QDX Magnesium provides powerful casting and reeling capabilities designed to best even the most elusive of river carp, and those features contend well with seafaring quarry also. The Magnesium reel’s body and rotor both use special Air Metal material for lightweight yet powerful fishing performance. Equipped with the machined DIGIGEAR®II and a Wormshaft oscillation system, and supplemented even further by Daiwa‘s own Quick drag system, the Basia 45 QDX allows you to reel in fish of every size and vigor with comfort and ease. The entire assembly weighs 2.6 pounds and has a default line capacity of 240 meters by 0.32 millimeters.

Considered the rising star of the Daiwa Tournament series, the Basia 45 QDX magnesium reel (or “Black Basia”, as it has begun to be affectionately called) has in a very short time gathered up reputation for being the latest model to further the Tournament Series’ prestige. The whole assembly has a rather eccentric feel to it. The spool is housed in a reel body that points to the side rather than to the front like most spools do. The mount sticks out from the top of the reel rather than the bottom, meaning that it is meant to be below the rod. The default color scheme is mostly grey, which complements the shape of the reel nicely.

What’s unique about the Daiwa Tournament Basia 45 QDX Magnesium reel, aside from its quaint design and exceptional ability to capture carp, is its lightweight build, allowing for easy deployment, which assists its numerous quick cast and reel systems greatly. Aside from this, it has superb longevity, with its long-life bail spring and High Impact Protection line clip.

These features make the Daiwa Tournament Basia 45 QDX Magnesium reel great for sea fishing, as the light frame allows for rapid deployment and retrieval of catches. While its default casting line is relatively short (240 m compared to upwards of 300 m for most reels), it comes with a special long cast line that allows for longer-range deep sea fishing.


*Light build

*Great casting and reeling performance thanks to numerous systems set in place

*Unrivaled longevity

*Special long distance spool for deep sea fishing


*Strange design makes for a bit of a learning curve

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Daiwa Tournament Basia 45 QDX
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