Daiwa Saltiga 5000H

The Saltiga franchise has just made a great addition with this product. It fulfils all the expectations which were set previously by the brand and takes it altogether to a whole new level. Just like every other Daiwa this has the Mag Sheald for mainshaft, ball baring of line roller and lineshaft. The Mag Sheald being the latest technology in the series is well known by people that it its target fish is the Angler which is what it supports mainly. The initial performance of the brand will remain in the same way for a very long time to come.
The unique thing about the Daiwa Saltiga 5000H Model 2015 is that it is very lightweight and lighter compared to the previous models in the same brand. As it is lighter, it is more easy to carry around and becomes easier to use. Another notable feature is that the drag setting value changing the power is very minimal. This helps us ignore all the other fights with the machine and concentrate just on reeling in the fish that we want to catch. Not only is it lighter, but it has also been made more powerful by the makers. It is designed with a 121cm high speed rotating wind handle which makes it one of the most efficient models produced by the brand.
One slight con of this product is that it creates friction a lot more than required which cause winding inertia which is not good, but this negative impact made by it can be neglected if the product is used and handled in the right method. There has also been a bit of a debate about the weight of the product, many people think that as the product is lightweight it can pull in heavy fish. This has been a question pestering in the minds of the customers.

The product has a lot of pros and advantages which makes it one of the best products produced by the brand. The major advantage is the weight of the product. As it is lightweight, it can be used and carried around pretty easily. The efficiency of the product has also been made good with the ATD and Zaion which has been available in previous editions too but has been made even better in this model. Another major change is the silent oscillation which is a great headache reliever to most of the users. To top it off, the product is also very moderately priced and affordable.

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Daiwa Saltiga
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