Abu Garcia Multiplier Reel Ambassadeur

The Abu Garcia Multiplier Reel Ambassadeur is a smooth yet classy open-framed reel. It is manufactured by ABU, a highly reputable company specializing in the development of precision fishing equipment and reels. Anglers all over the word trust in Abu Garcia for tackling any tough tests that come their way. The 6500 CT Chrome Rocket is built for sea fishing. Here is a review of how the multiplier reel works and its uniqueness, functionality as well as pros and cons.

Unlike newer reels from Abu Gracia, this classic reel has very simple styling, with minimal detailing, no colored finishing and no metallic stickers at all. To some, the chrome may seem a bit overstated, but the entire look is simply classy for the normal day to day angler out at sea. A standard look at the finishing on the reel will prove that. However, a closer look reveals a very minimal amount of distortion on the plating. The drive aperture also has some roughness which may have been caused by the leaking of the sealant during assembly.

What is unique about it?

The Abu Garcia Multiplier Reel Ambassadeur 6500 CT Chrome Rocket is the perfect choice if you want distance casting reel. It doesn’t come with any magnets to control speed. To slow down the free-spinning spool, you have to use its centrifugal braking system. Once you get the functionality right, you will be more than impressed, especially with the distance it gives you.

Why is it good for sea fishing?

When out in the sea, you are much better with a reel that can hit maximum distance with no problems. The 6500 CT Chrome Rocket almost hits 300 yards. You have to learn to handle the speed it comes with. If you are using this reel for the first time, you may have to tighten down both spool knobs to avoid any unwanted set-offs. The Chrome Rocket’s casting performance is impressive.


• It’s fast and offers great casting distance
• It comes with a wide range of adjustments
• Fishing line capacity of 255 x 0.35mm


• Overruns: If you are not used to The Abu Garcia Multiplier Reel Ambassadeur 6500 CT Chrome Rocket, managing overruns can be a problem at first due to the free-spooning spool. To manage this right, you can use the tensioning nuts on the side of the Chrome reel for proper adjustments.

• Needs time and practice to learn the thumb control technique

After a day at sea, it’s important to remove the bearings from the spool and clean them, dry them and oil them for maximum functionality. The 6500 CT Chrome Rocket is a perfect pick for sea fishing if you handle the speed.

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Abu Garcia Multiplier Reel Ambassadeur
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