Abu 506 MKII Cardinal Reel

file_17743Fishing reels are crucial to your fishing unit as a fisherman. Depending on the fishing situation, there is a variety of fishing reels available. The three most important types of fishing reels are the spin cast, the baitcasting, and the spinning reel. The three types of reels differ in their functionality and ideal fishing situation.

The baitcasting reel is arguably the hardest reel to master and the most specialized of the three kinds. Although it has the best accuracy, the spool needs to be kept in control to keep it from turning to a nasty net of line. It is mostly used with heavy lines and lures and can catch fish ranging from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds in weight.

The Spinning reel, popularly known as the open face reel due to its open face design, is the most popular reel among most fishermen. They come in a wide variety of sizes and costs ranging from cheap to expensive. They are also the most customizable and versatile of the three even allowing to change your line while in water.

Spincast reels, also known as closed face reels, are the cheapest and easiest to use reels. Though lacking in accuracy, they are the best choice of reel for amateur fishermen owing to their ease of use. They can be put to use with a wide variety of fish, but since they do not have high capacity lines, they cannot hold high capacities on the line.

An excellent example of a spin cast reel is the Abu Garcia Abu 506 MKII Cardinal Reel.

For people that have never used a closed face reel before, the simplicity of the design of the reel comes as a surprise. The reel lacks a bail arm with the spool itself moving.

The latest brand comes with some additional special features including an ultra-smooth Syncro drag, and a convenient on/off reverse switch, a modifiable drag on the reel arm and a drag lock button.

It has an advanced polymeric body, and its front cone is made of aluminum conferring durability to the reel. Additionally, the reel comes with nice ergonomic case to protect it. To prevent snags, it comes with additional chenille strips meant to line the edges of the spools.

The reel casts brilliantly even in adverse weather conditions. Its ease of use even during windy conditions makes it handy for use in sea fishing. Overall it is a brilliant trotting reel.

One of the major cons of the reel, however, is the frequent malfunctioning of the line release system. The line release system, pin, and button, sometimes fail to work frustrating the fisherman.

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Abu Garcia Abu 506 MKII Cardinal Reel
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